Discipleship Model

The purpose of this discipleship model is to give general direction to the spiritual journeys of church members and friends as they interact with the mission of our church to make disciples for Jesus. Our church life revolves around the three main areas of OutreachWorship and Nurture (OWN). It also seeks to move people from sincereSeeker to faithful Believer and ultimately to productive Discipler. That is what it means to take "OWNership" in our church.


The journey from Seeker through Believer to Discipler starts with an investigation into the lifestyle and beliefs of the Christian Adventist faith. With this knowledge and a growing faith and commitment to Jesus, the Seeker may choose to be baptized into Membership in the Church. On this basis, a person may now become a Believer.


A Believer not only worships with other believers in church but also accepts the Mission Christ commands to "make disciples of all nations."  Understanding the purpose for which we have been saved is crucial if we are to progress to the next stage.


The third stage of discipleship development identifies and nurtures spiritual gifts and talents through which God equips a Believer to function in Ministry to others. Such growth is necessary to be a productive part of the Body of Christ.


One of the two major goals of Christian discipleship is to grow to spiritual Maturity in Christ. Evidence of this is found in a life that reflects the fruit of the Spirit and mastery of various spiritual disciplines.


The other major goal of discipleship is to help someone else grow up in Christ. This is the objective of the fifth and final stage of discipleship training which is Mentorship. By leading others to Jesus, we become more like Him ourselves.