Biblical Research


Biblical Research Institute

General Conference research department for Adventist theology and practice.



Creation Science


Geoscience Research Institute

Loma Linda based institute pursuing creation science research.


Faith and Science Council

Creation focus website of the General Conference.




Ellen G. White


Ellen G. White Estate

Official Ellen G. White website of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Complete Published Writings of EGW

Online database of the complete writings of Ellen G. White.



General Adventist Research


Office of Archives and Statistics

General Conference website giving comprehensive church directoryyearbook, and statistical information as well as archival documents.





Adventist Health Studies

Loma Linda University School of Public Health's website citing scientific research regarding the Adventist lifestyle.


Coronary Health Improvement Project

Adventist CHIP Association website founded by Dr. Hans Diehl.


Indiana Healthy Choices

Indiana's Adventist health ministry. 





Digital Hymnal

Online Adventist Hymnal website.


International Adventist Musicians Association

Forum for music and music resources in the Adventist church.