Sabbath School classes are scheduled from 9:45-10:45 a.m. every Sabbath. Visitors are always welcome. Links under each category connect to an online version of the Sabbath School study guide for the current quarter.


Sabbath School Bible

Discipleship Class - Pastor's Office on main level



SabbathSchool Adult

Adult Class - main lavel
Online study guide: Standard Adult Version
Easy reading edition: Large Print Adult Version
Karen language edition: Karen Sabbath School Quarterly


Sabbath School Collegiate

Youth/Young Adults - Media Center on main level
Ages 16 to Young Adults
Online study guide: Collegiate Quarterly



Sabbath School RealTime

Earliteens - basement level
Youth 13-15 years old
Online study guide: Real-time Faith


Sabbath School PowerPoints

Juniors - basement level
Adolescents 10-12 years old
Online study guide: Power Points


Sabbath School Primary

Primary - basement level
Children 7-9 years old
Online study guide: Primary


SabbathSchool Kindergarten

Kindergarten - basement level
Children 4-6 years old
Online study guide: Kindergarten


Sabbath School Beginner

Beginners - balcony level
Children 0-3 years old
Online study guide: Beginners